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Increasing Efficiency with Molten Salts - Complutense University of Madrid

Javier Trujillo, Researcher, Complutense University of Madrid

Innovative Solutions for CSP Controllers - Suntrack

Aitor Alaport, Business Development, Suntrack

Plant Performance and LCOE Reduction - EnergyNest

Christian Thiel, CEO, EnergyNest

Lowering LCOE of optical CSP components - RioGlass

Jeroen Van Schindel, Director Sales & Marketing, RioGlass

Lowering LCOE and operational risks - Aalborg CSP

Svante Bundgaard, CEO, Aalborg CSP

Australia Case Study - Vast Solar

Craig Wood, CEO, Vast Solar

Thermography Automation Solar Tower Monitoring - InfraTec

Jens Kraushaar, Project Manager, InfraTec

Optimize your plant design and increase your competitiveness - CNIM

Christophe Cord'Homme, Business & Products Development Director, CNIM

KAM‘s Solar Tower Technology: Increasing Competitivness by Maximizing Yields and Minimizing Risks

Felix Andlauer, Head of Solar Thermal Power Plants, Kraftanlagen München

Improving Power Tower Competiveness with Stellio - the Smart Heliostat

Gerhard Weinrebe, Asociado, Schlaich Bergermann und Partner

R&D for the improvement of O&M in CSP plants - CENER

Marcelino Sánchez, Director CSP, CENER

Title Description
Solar & Wind Power Project Funding Opportunities in South Africa This paper is an assessment of funding opportunities outside of South Africa’s REIPPP program. It includes case studies of projects and insights from leading financiers involved in wind and solar projects.
MENA Solar Market Outlook 2017 The Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) solar energy market is witnessing unprecedented developments as government-driven auctioning and net-metering schemes drive down costs and attract investments.
MENA’s Big 5 Renewable Tenders That You Can’t Afford To Miss in 2017 Plus 9 Projects That will Bring Grid Parity To The MENA Region / 3 North Africa Wind Farms That Will Blow You Away in 2017
Financing solar projects in the MENA 2017 and beyond Bid, Win and Develop Cash Rich Projects in MENA
Lowering LCOE in CSP - Survey Results CSP Today Survey Results - This questionnaire has been produced in conjunction with CSP Today Sevilla 2016, the largest commercial CSP conference in the world.
CSP in China China on track to become the world’s largest CSP market
CSP in China (Spanish version) China va encaminada a ser el Mercado más grande de CSP del mundo
Assessment of Private PPA Market Opportunities in South Africa This article contains an assessment of private PPA market opportunities and challenges within the corporate & industrial segment in South Africa with insight into current and future development potential for wind and solar projects.
An interview with Joe Desmond about BrightSource Energy's work in China Joseph Desmond is Senior Vice President of Marketing and Government Affairs for BrightSource Energy
ISCC in MENA In association with MENASOL 2015 (13 &14th May, Dubai), CSP Today brings you an exclusive guide on ISCC plants in MENA. It includes analysis of current ISCC projects, Saudi Arabian ISCC plants and potential future sites.
CSP in South Africa: Industry Development Guide CSP Today recently conducted a survey of 60 leading professionals to get their views on the development of the CSP industry in South Africa.
Los retos en el contenido local La solución española en Sudáfrica
The Challenge of Local Content Examined A Spanish solution in South Africa
La amenaza del almacenamiento eléctrico para la termosolar La amenaza del almacenamiento eléctrico para la termosolar
CSP Benchmarking Internacional 2013 Adapta tu proyecto CSP a cualquier mercado internacional con técnicas innovadoras de diseño, construcción y operación
Michelle Davies (Eversheds) habla sobre termosolar en el Medio Oriente CSP Today habló con Michelle Davies, Jefa del Grupo de Energías Limpias y Sustentabilidad en Eversheds, experta en asuntos del Medio Oriente. Michelle es además miembro del comité directivo de la Emirates Solar Industry Association (ESIA).
Guía CSP Today de aplicaciones industriales: Minería La CSP y la industria minera, El potencial del mercado, Introducción de la tecnología CSP en procesos mineros, Caso práctico – Minera El Tesoro en Chile
CSP Prospects in Saudi Arabia 2014 A comparison of CSP and PV in the most promising solar market in the world
CSP Storage: South Africa This whitepaper provides insight into the current and future prospects of storage technology as well as assessing dispatchability potential for the South African market.
The United States Department of Energy - on CSP CSP Today interviews Peter Davidson, Executive Director of the LPO and the US Department
CSP Business in the Middle East Michelle Davies (Eversheds) talks to CSP about business in the Middle East
CSP Towers and Chile: Part 2 Technology Analysis
CSP Towers and Chile: Part 1 Market Evolution
CSP in the USA A guide to domestic growth and exporting American know-how
CSP Today Industrial Applications Guide - Mining CSP and the mining industry, market potential, Integration of CSP technologies into mining operations and a case study - Minera El Tesoro, Chile
TES vs Batteries The threat of electrical storage to CSP
CSP Market Overview 2014 An overview of the CSP project pipeline by country, technology and status
Solar Tower: Cost, Performance and Thermal Storage 5 Minute Findings from CSP Today's Solar Tower Report 2014
Parabolic Trough: Cost, Performance and Thermal Storage 5 Minute Findings from CSP Today's Parabolic Trough Report 2014
Title Description
South African REIPPPP – Project Trends South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) – Project Trends
REIPPPP Infographic This infographic provides a comparative analysis of the trajectories of wind and solar technology development in South Africa since the first round of the REIPPPP.
CSP in MENA Map Check out the latest projects according to their phase and technology
Los nuevos rumbos del almacenamiento de energía en CSP Pasado, presente y futuro del almacenamiento térmico
Solar Tower: Cost, Performance and Thermal Storage 5 Minute Findings from CSP Today's Solar Tower Report 2014
Assessing The Cost And Performance of Solar Tower Technology In South Africa Infographic
Assessing The Cost And Performance of Parabolic Trough Technology In Morocco Infographic
New Directions For Energy Storage Past, Present and Future Storage Infographic
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