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30 July 2019: China's 50 MW Luneng-DuCheng Haixi CSP project to become operational by the end of August 2019.

23 July 2019: Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency issues $98.6 million guarantee to cover KaXu Solar One.

22 July 2019: Construction works on the 110 MW Cerro Dominador CSP project in Chile are 80% complete.

21 July 2019: Shams CSP plant reaches one million man-hours without lost-time injuries.

21 July 2019: China's United Energy Group expresses interest in setting up CSP plants in Egypt.

16 July 2019: MASEN opens tender applications for Phase II of Noor Midelt.

16 July 2019: 247Solar to build its first commercial demo 247Solar plant in Ouarzazate, Morocco.

16 July 2019: UC Davis selected to receive a $2.2-million award from the U.S. DOE to advance CSP research and development.

16 July 2019: Oman will proceed with first CSP project if clean coal IPP does not get the government approval before the end of 2019.

4 July 2019: CSP generates 2.2% of Spain's electricity in first half of 2019.

4 July 2019: BCB starts commissioning of the heliostat calibration system for the 50 MW Luneng Haixi CSP plant in China.

3 July 2019: Shagaya Renewable Energy Park will include up to 400 MW of CSP by 2030.

2 July 2019: Lebanon to carry out EUR-600,000 feasbility study for CSP in the country; targets 100 MW by 2025.

1 July 2019: EPRI selected by DOE to test concrete thermal energy storage.

30 June 2019: Kuwait announces 2 GW-third phase of Shagaya RE park, combining CSP, PV, and wind capacities.

23 June 2019: Silk Road Fund becomes a 49% shareholder in ACWA Power Renewco.

22 June 2019: NTPC’s CSP project, developed by Thermax Ltd and Frenell GmbH, has been successfully integrated with the existing coal fired power station at Dadri in India.

22 June 2019: Refractaris has been awarded with the engineering and manufacturing of the thermal heat shields for the molten salt solar receiver of NOOR ENERGY 1 tower CSP project in Dubai.

13 June 2019: Credit Suisse fund invests in five Spanish CSP assets.

13 June 2019: Supcon Delingha CSP demo plant in China generates 863.3 MWh at 2:12 am, its highest single-day output to date.

11 June 2019: MASEN plans to launch Noor Midelt 2 between 2020 and 2030 to confirm the results obtained during Noor Midelt 1.

11 June 2019: Herlogas to collaborate with Acciona and Abengoa on the preheating of the three salt tanks and the melting process of the salt at the 110 MW Cerro Dominador project in Chile.

25 May 2019: Hengli to supply 12,780 hydraulic cylinders for Dubai’s three 200 MW parabolic trough CSP plants.

23 May 2019: EDF Renewables, Masdar, and Green of Africa awarded the tender for construction and operation of Noor Midelt. 

21 May 2019: About 73% of the construction on the solar field of Dubai's 100 MW CSP tower has been completed.

21 May 2019: Sundrop Farms has sold its solar-thermal powered greenhouse business to Morrison & Co.

18 May 2019: French utility ENGIE appoints Turki Al Shehri as the company’s new CEO for Saudi Arabia. 

16 May 2019: Canada's 1 MW CSP demo facility shut down after operating it for almost five years.

13 May 2019: ESTELA elects Mr. Jose Luis Martinez Dalmau as its new president for a two-year term.

11 May 2019: SolarReserve withdrew the application for Sandstone CSP project on January 31, 2019.

29 April 2019: Infunde CSP project in Indonesia plans for an installed capacity 35 MW to 50 MW.

29 April 2019: NWSDI Gonghe tower-CSP demo project expected to connect to the grid by June 2019, six months earlier than the planned date of completion.

22 April 2019: SolarReserve proposes to sell its 150 MW Aurora CSP project in South Australia after failing to secure finance.

22 April 2019: The 50 MW Supcon Solar Delingha tower CSP plant in China has reached full-load operation.

22 April 2019: MMYPEM to perform maintenance works at the 50 MW Shagaya CSP plant in Kuwait.

22 April 2019: Negev Energy 110 MW CSP parabolic trough-plant starts commercial operation in Israel.

11 April 2019: Engie's 100 MW Kathu CSP plant in South Africa officially inaugurated.

9 April 2019: Slag from steel industry to be used as an inventory material for TES of CSP tower plants.

9 April 2019: Sweden's Azelio to introduce its Stirling engine-based CSP technology to Pakistan.

7 April 2019: The 121 MW Megalim Solar Power CSP project in Israel enters operation.

8 April 2019: World's highest temp. sCO2 turbine to significantly improve CSP thermal efficiency.

6 April 2019: Infunde invites EOIs for the installation of a solar weather station for a CSP project it is co-developing in Indonesia.

5 April 2019: Aurora CSP project in South Australia not going ahead after failing to secure finance before deadline.

1 April 2019: EDF and Shouhang to convert a demo CSP plant from steam cycle to an s-CO2 power block.

1 April 2019: US DOE announces up to $130 million for advanced solar energy research, including CSP.

1 April 2019: Ence closes financing for the purchse of 90% of the Puertollano Ibersol CSP plant in Spain.

1 April 2019: The concrete base of Noor Energy 1’s 100 MW CSP tower in Dubai has been completed.

1 April 2019: Dow to supply HTF for Noor Energy 1’s three CSP trough plants in Dubai.

26 March 2019: Lebanon to initiate feasbility study of 50 MW CSP plant.

26 March 2019: Dubai 950 MW CSP-PV project achieves financial close.

19 March 2019: Oman's second utility-scale solar IPP may include CSP.

19 March 2019: Rioglass to supply parabolic trough receiver tubes and mirrors for Dubai project. 

12 March 2019: EU project offers free access to state-of-the-art solar facilities.

4 March 2019: ArcelorMittal to supply 100 MW of steel solar structure for Dubai's CSP project.

4 March 2019: Vast Solar seeks AUD 75 million in funding for 50 MW CSP-PV hybrid project in Australia.

3 March 2019: Al Yamamah Steel Industries to supply steel solar structure for Dubai's CSP project.

1 March 2019: Lebanon installing two DNI measurement stations to determine feasibility of CSP plants.

27 February 2019: Aalborg CSP secures new order to deliver a 2.6 MWth solar heating plant in Denmark.

22 February 2019: Spain's National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan foresees CSP to triple by 2030.

19 February 2019: Lointek to supply integrated steam generation system and oil-salt thermal storage system for Dubai’s CSP project.

19 February 2019: New study finds CSP LCOE expensive in Southern Africa.

18 February 2019: Aalborg CSP signs order with Shanghai Electric to supply steam generator systems for Dubai's CSP project.

18 February 2019: Azelio opens Morocco office, plans to complete verification project in 2019.

12 February 2019: Herlogas achieves new salt-melting record at Kathu CSP plant.

1 February 2019: MINOS CSP project in Greece appoints Chinese EPC contractors.

30 January 2019: ENGIE starts operating Kathu CSP plant in South Africa.

29 January 2019: Saudi Arabia's four planned CSP projects totaling 2.7 GW will be technology agnostic.

29 January 2019: China's Luneng Haixi 50 MW CSP tower project to come online in June 2019.

29 January 2019: PG&E Corp., California’s biggest power company, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

21 January 2019: CSP could provide up to 16% of electricity generation in the U.S. by 2050, an NREL study found.

20 January 2019: Khalifa University, Wahaj Solar to test a patented CSP prototype at Masdar Institute.

18 January 2019: SolarReserve appoints Tom Georgis as new CEO.

15 January 2019: IRENA estimates the global cost of electricity from CSP could fall by at least 37% by 2025.

11 January 2019: Saudi Arabia to develop 2.7 GW of CSP by 2030.

11 January 2019: Ten CSP demo projects in China, totalling 749 MW in capacity, are making little progress.

8 January 2019: ACWA Power expected to conclude financing of more than $2bn over the next few weeks for the 950 MW CSP-PV project in Dubai.

8 January 2019:  Siemens to provide four steam turbine generator sets for Dubai's 700 MW CSP project.

30 December 2018: Supcon Delingha 50 MW CSP tower connected to the grid, becoming the third large-scale CSP project in China.

30 December 2018: Shouhang Dunhuang 100 MW CSP tower project begins commercial operation in China.

29 December 2018: Oman considering CSP as part of its future energy mix.

25 December 2018: Gujarat 25 MW CSP project gets one last extension to December 31, 2019.

25 Deccember 2018: Spain's bcb to supply a heliostat calibration system to LuNeng-DuCheng Haixi CSP plant in China.

11 December 2018: US DOE requests information and insights about priority R&D needs across the CSP industry.

11 December 2018: CPECC Hami 50 MW solar tower project in China on track to be completed by mid-2019.

10 December 2018: ContourGlobal to sell 49% stake in Spanish CSP plants.

10 December 2018: Shouhang Dunhuang under commissioning and on track to come online by end of December 2018.

3 December 2018: ACWA Power signs MoU with three firms for 950-MW Noor 1 solar project.

3 December 2018: African Development Bank approves senior loan of R3bn for Redstone project in South Africa.

30 November 2018: Emvelo's 100 MW Ilanga CSP 1 starts commercial operation in South Africa.

20 November 2018: Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth to receive a $400,000 award from the US DOE to advance CSP R&D.

19 November 2018: Inner Mongolia Institute, Shanghai Electric sign technical service contract for the Dubai 700 MW CSP project.

18 November 2018: Sener and Acciona achieve first synchronization at Kathu CSP plant.

17 November 2018: France’s 9 MW eLLO solar thermal project starts commissioning.

16 November 2018: ABB provides its Ability Symphony Plus DCS to the 50 MW CGN Delingha CSP plant in China.

14 November 2018: Spain's government targets 70% of electricity from renewables by 2030, and 100% by 2050.

13 November 2018: GlassPoint Solar and Occidental of Oman signed MoU to develop 2 GW solar-EOR project.

11 November 2018: DEWA and ACWA Power sign an amendment to the PPA for the fourth phase of the Dubai solar park to add a 250 MW-PV facility to the 700 MW-CSP complex.

7 November 2018: SENER and SEPCO III complete reliability test for the 150-MW Noor III in Morocco.

6 November 2018: CMI Energy awarded a contract to design and supply a thermal solar receiver for DEWA’s 100 MW solar tower plant.

6 Novembr 2018: Tractebel's Lahmeyer International starts steam blowing at Engie’s 100 MW Kathu CSP plant.

29 October 2018: MinWaterCSP achieves its goal of reducing mirror-cleaning water consumption by 25%.

29 October 2018: Ilanga CSP1 in South Africa hires 22 local trainees in O&M department.

29 October 2018: SolarReserve awarded $2 million to advance CSP R&D.

24 October 2018: Ashalim Megalim starts to generate power in Israel.

19 October 2018: Iberdrola agrees to sell 50 MW Puertollano CSP plant to ENCE.

15 October 2018: Infunde invites EOIs from consultants to perform a Grid Impact Study for a medium-size CSP project in Indonesia.

10 October 2018: The CGN Delingha 50 MW parabolic trough plant in China starts commercial operation.

10 October 2018: Ilanga 1 CSP begins commissioning activities in South Africa.

10 October 2018: NREL will accelerate CSP research with seven new R&D projects.

10 October 2018: IEA predicts that CSP will grow 87% (4.3 GW) between 2018 and 2023.

1 October 2018: Sener completes first grid synchronisation of Noor III solar tower plant.

30 September 2018: Abengoa records revenues of EUR552m during the first half of 2018.

30 September 2018: Abengoa signs financing agreement for new liquidity for up to EUR97m.

30 September 2018: Saudi Arabia shelves $200bn solar project; plans to unveil new renewable energy strategy in late October.

24 September 2018: SolarReserve signs MOU with Heliostat SA to manufacture and assemble the heliostat components for the 150 MW Aurora project.

24 September 2018: Shouhang takes over Beijing GuoHua Yumen 100 MW CSP Demo Project that was withdrawn from the scheme in early 2018; Construction set to begin in October.

17 September 2018: Only 14 of 20 CSP demo projects moving ahead in China; four to be completed in 2018.

17 September 2018: ABB supplies world’s largest solar field in China.

6 September 2018: Kathu CSP plant completion date pushed from H2 2018 to early 2019.

6 September 2018: Egypt targets 700 MW of CSP by 2027.

5 September 2018: Sandstone to offer energy storage at "well below" $90/MWh to California utilities.

4 September 2018: CGN Delingha 50 MW CSP project to start commercial operation on 30 September.

4 September 2018: The 50 MW Royal Tech Yumen project is now targeting completion by end of 2019.

4 September 2018: The 50 MW LuNeng-DuCheng Haixi project is now targeting completion by 2019.

1 September 2018: UAE launches AI lab for solar mapping.

27 August 2018: South Africa releases draft IRP 2018 for public commentary.

21 August 2018: Sandstone CSP project could get green light in 2019.

21 August 2018: China releases first CSP standard; to be implemented from December 2018.

14 August 2018: Sener starts up Noor III solar receiver.

14 August 2018: Brookfield Asset Management looks to acquire Bow Power, whose portfolio includes 150 MW of CSP.

2 August 2018: Salt melting starts at Kathu CSP plant in South Africa.

1 August 2018: Oman may expand its use of CSP to other industries and processes.

30 July 2018: Eskom cancels 100 MW Kiwano CSP tower plant; replaces it with battery storage project.

26 July 2018: Salt-melting process completed at Shagaya CSP plant in Kuwait.

22 July 2018: ACWA Power secures investment in Dubai 700 MW CSP project.

21 July 2018: New feasability study finds great potential for linear Fresnel CSP systems in Algeria.

18 July 2018: Vallourec takes part in EU Raiselife CSP project.

13 July 2018: Danish firm Aalborg CSP is among the top four finalists competing for the Clean Energy Council’s Innovation Award 2018 for the development of the Sundrop Farms solar thermal plant in Australia.

13 July 2018: ACWA Power signs agreement with Central Energy Fund of South Africa to co-invest in renewable energy projects, starting with Redstone.

12 July 2018: ContourGlobal secures finance from Canadian pension fund towards new CSP assets in Spain. 

11 July 2018: A consortium of Abengoa and Acciona has signed a contract to complete the construction of Cerro Dominador CSP plant; works to resume in July.

11 July 2018: Ener-t completes design for India's first national CSP R&D centre.

10 July 2018: SEC starts operating Waad Al Shamal ISCC plant with 50 MW CSP.

6 July 2018: Natixis arranges USD 190 million (25% of total USD 740 mm senior debt) related to the construction and operation of the Cerro Dominador CSP-PV project.

4 July 2018: Advisian awarded owner's engineer contract for 700 MW CSP project in Dubai.

3 July 2018: Riyadh-based Al Babtain Power & Telecom is supplying CSP steel support structure for Kuwait’s 50 MW Shagaya CSP plant.

3 July 2018: Riyadh-based Al Babtain Power & Telecom is supplying CSP steel support structure for Saudi Arabia’s 43 MW Duba ISCC CSP plant.

30 June 2018: CGN Delingha, China’s first large-scale commercial CSP project, now connected to the grid.

26 June 2018: Redstone project will take 30 months to build post-financial close.

22 June 2018: Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Co. achieves financial close and signs EPC contract for the 50 MW Lanzhou Dacheng Dunhuang CSP demo plant.

15 June 2018: Former Abengoa chairman appointed as Spain's Secretary of State for Energy.

11 June 2018: Noor Midelt gets additional financing from the World Bank.

11 June 2018: Cleanergy changes its name to Azelio and raises USD 11.5 million.

11 June 2018: China Energy Engineering awarded survey and design service contract for the 700 MW CSP project in Dubai.

11 June 2018: Iberdrola seeking a buyer for its 50 MW Puertollano CSP plant in Spain.

11 June 2018: GlassPoint partners with NAPCO to manufacture components for Miraah CSP plant.

5 June 2018: South African energy minister, Jeff Radebe, announced on Friday (1st June) the fifth REIPPPP bid window will launch in November procuring 1800MW of renewable energy from IPPs.

4 June 2018: DEWA seeks IPP advisory services for the fifth phase of the 5 GW Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai.

4 June 2018: Rackam to build combined solar thermal heat & power plant in Brazil.

28 May 2018: Industeel's stainless steel used in the production of heat exchangers, steam generators, high-temp pipes and molten salt storage tank for Noor III.

25 May 2018: China extends deadline for late CSP projects but adds penalty.

21 May 2018: Brazil's Eletrobras to test CSP technology with a 250 kW project.

18 May 2018: Cerro Dominador achieves financial close for CSP plant in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

18 May 2018: Xina Solar One in South Africa officially inaugurated.

15 May 2018: DOE announces USD 72m for new projects to advance high-temp CSP technologies.

9 May 2018: Abengoa wins USD 650m contract to supply 3 x 200 MW CSP projects in Dubai.

9 May 2018: Abengoa to launch Xina Solar One on May 18, 2018.

9 May 2018: SolarReserve may add a 70 MW PV farm to its Aurora CSP project in South Australia.

3 May 2018: Dubai's DEWA to tender 300 MW of CSP with storage by the first quarter of 2019.

3 May 2018: Abengoa awarded the technology, engineering and support contract for the 50 MW LuNeng-DuCheng Haixi CSP project.

3 May 2018: Abengoa awarded the technology, engineering and support contract for the 50 MW Royal Tech Yumen CSP Demo project.

24 April 2018: Swedish firm delivers PT production line to China.

19 April 2018: Egypt’s new experimental CSP plant used Cranfield’s research for component testing and design.

17 April 2018: DOE offers $24 million in funding to advance CSP.

17 April 2018: Shagaya CSP plant in Kuwait to come online in Q1 of 2019.

15 April 2018: ACWA Power signs EPC contract with Shanghai Electric for DEWA’s 700MW CSP project in Dubai.

15 April 2018: ICBC lead arranger for a USD 1.5bn senior loan to finance construction of DEWA's CSP project.

10 April 2018: Suzler to supply all key pumps for Shenzhen Jinfan Akesai CSP plant in China.

6 April 2018: Eltherm to supply electrical heat tracing system for Ilanga CSP plant in South Africa.

4 April 2018: Eskoms signs PPA for Redstone CSP project in South Africa.

3 April 2018: ABB awarded $90m contract to build substation at Dubai solar park.

30 March 2018: One project withdraws from China's CSP demonstration program; three fail to report on time, bringing down expected total capacity to 1,014 MW.

30 March 2018: Indian state actively considering deploying CST technology in industry.

27 March 2018: Nur Energie expects to break ground on 50 MW CSP tower plant in Greece by end of 2018; EIB considers financing the project.

26 March 2018: Grupo T-Solar to acquire two CSP plants in Spain with a combined capacity of 100 MW.

26 March 2018: MNRE extends financial support for CST systems.

26 March 2018: Dubai's 700 MW CSP project breaks ground.

23 March 2018: Shams 1 CSP plant in the UAE celebrates fifth anniversary.

19 March 2018: GlassPoint Solar appoints Steven Moss as new CEO.

8 March 2018: Australia's ARENA to fund a roadmap for concentrated solar thermal (CST) technology.

8 March 2018: iQ Power and Misurata Free Zone sign MOU to increase Libya's energy independence through CSP and PV.

8 March 2018: SolarReserve and OZ Minerals to jointly commission a new high voltage electricity transmission line by mid-2020 to support Aurora CSP plant and a copper-gold project in South Australia.

5 March 2018: 247Solar signs R&D agreement with Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company.

28 February 2018: Sener and Acciona Industrial connecte the 100 MW Kathu CSP plant in South Africa to the 132kV Eskom distribution line.

28 February 2018: Wuxi Chemical Equipment Co. delivers molten-salt heat exchangers for the 50 MW CGN Delingha parabolic trough plant.

28 February 2018: China's 50 MW CGN Delingha project expected to generate power in April 2018 and connect to the grid in May.

28 February 2018: WECSP 1 MW Fresnel project in Jordan cancelled after contractor declared bankrupt.

27 February 2018: ContourGlobal agrees to buy 5 CSP plants from Acciona in Spain.

20 February 2018: eltherm awarded the electrical heat tracing (EHT) system design and installation contract for the 100 MW Kathu CSP plant in South Africa.

16 February 2018: Abengoa advances in viability process after sale of ownership interest in Ghana firm.

16 February 2018: WorleyParson's Advisian to provide technical advisory for the Yumen Royal Tech 50 MW CSP plant in China.

12 February 2018: GlassPoint completes the construction of four blocks at Miraah solar thermal power plant in Oman.

9 February 2018: Acciona is in talks with Britain’s Contour Global to sell its CSP assets.

7 February 2018: TerraForm Power launches 995m euro tender offer to acquire Saeta Yield's shares, which include 250 MW of CSP projects.

2 February 2018: CMI Solar awarded a contract for the supply of a molten salt solar receiver for the 50 MW LuNeng-DuCheng Haixi solar-tower plant in China.

26 January 2018: Savannah River National Laboratory licenses metal hydride-based thermal energy storage technology for CSP to United Sun Systems.

25 January 2018: CSP sets historic generation record in Spain in 2017.

25 January 2018: China’s SPIC Shijiazhuang Dongfang Energy plans 2 GW CSP project.

23 January 2018: SolarReserve opens Australian headquarters.

18 January 2018: Masdar Institute and Cleanergy partner on TES research.

16 January 2018: Three consortia bid for Noor Midelt in Morocco; contract to be awarded by year-end.

15 January 2018: IndianOil and Israel’s Yeda to cooperate on CSP and solar-thermal storage research.

13 January 2018: ACWA Power plans late 2018 IPO, adopts SolarCoin.

13 January 2018: DEWA has approved a budget of AED 26.417 billion (USD 7.19bn) for 2018.

10 January 2018: MASEN, Cleanergy to develop TES system based on Stirling CSP technology.

10 January 2018: Noor II starts synchronization to the grid, SEPCOIII announces.

9 January 2018: SolarReserve receives development approval for Aurora CSP project.

29 December 2017: TuNur applied to export CSP to EU at 8.73 US cents/kWh.

18 December 2017: ACWA Power subsidiary NOMAC to operate DEWA's 700 CSP project in Dubai.

18 December 2017: South Australian government to buy power from SIMEC ZEN Energy until commissioning of the 150 MW Aurora CSP Plant.

13 December 2017:  Eskom considers signing on 27 outstanding renewable energy contracts, including Redstone CSP project.

11 December 2017: CSP developer Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Company has raised USD 675 million on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

11 December 2017: ACWA Power expects to reach financial closure for Dubai’s 700 MW CSP project by Q1 2018.

11 December 2017: AfDB approves loan of USD 265 million for Noor Midelt solar complex.

4 December 2017: German company AUMA to supply 10,000 multi-turn gearboxes for Supcon Delingha CSP plant.

4 December 2017: ENGIE announces plans to acquire South African energy services companies Thermaire Investments and Ampair.

30 November 2017: RioHuan produces first parabolic trough mirror at their new facility in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China.

29 November 2017: GlassPoint Solar and Aera Energy to build an integrated solar project in California comprising an 850 MWth solar thermal facility and a 26.5 MW PV power plant.

28 November 2017: Supcon awarded solar-field EPC contract for China Qinghai Gonghe 50 MW CSP tower plant.

28 November 2017: Construction on Shangyi 50 MW CSP tower demonstration project to start in April 2018.

27 November 2017:  Bokpoort CSP project produced 1,009.31 MWh in one day – the highest ever for a CSP plant over a single 24-hour period.

16 November 2017: KaXu Solar One in South Africa wins Momentum of Change award at COP23 in Germany under the Financing for Climate Friendly Investment category.

13 November 2017: CWP Renewables has proposed a 250 MW solar tower project for Townsville, Australia.

9 November 2017: Shouhang IHW Resources has started the project approval application for the 300 MW phase three of its Dunghuang solar tower project in China.

9 November 2017: Shouhang IHW Resources completes construction of receiver tower on its 100 MW phase-two CSP project in Dunhuang, Gansu Province in China.

7 November 2017: Aalborg CSP and Jiangsu Livo New Energy Technology Co. awarded contract to supply steam generation system for Shenzen Jinfan Akesai CSP plant in China.

1 November 2017: The first block of the Miraah solar plant has successfully delivered steam to the Amal West oilfield.

1 November 2017: Abengoa sells 25% of its stake in Atlantica Yield to Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.

1 November 2017: SolarReserve signs heritage agreement with the Barngarla community to construct and operate the Aurora CSP project with minimal impact on Aboriginal heritage.

31 October 2017: CSP generates 2.1% of Spain's total electricity in October 2017.

27 October 2017: EDF applies for a right-of-way from BLM to construct a 500 MW solar PV facility in California in place of the Palen solar tower project; BLM opens public comment period.

25 October 2017: Sandstone's 10 solar power towers expected to cost $500m each.

25 October 2017: Sandia has developed CSP receivers that are 20% more efficient at absorbing sunlight.

23 October 2017: Construction has started on Waad Al Shamal ISCC's 50 MW CSP plant in Saudi Arabia.

23 October 2017: South Korean group plans solar hybrid project for Chile.

23 October 2017: U.S. private equity firm KKR & Co is looking to sell its stake in Acciona Energia Internacional.

16 October 2017: DEWA CSP project to comprise four units with a 35-year long PPA.

16 October 2017: CGN issues tender notice for O&M services for 50 MW Delingha project.

16 October 2017: Queensland's tender for 400 MW of renewables and 100 MW of energy storage has received 115 proposals.

12 October 2017: MASEN has postponed the RFP deadline for Noor Midelt by two months.

6 October 2017: EIB commits €800 million in RE financing for India.

4 October 2017: Miraah solar thermal plant achieves 55% cost savings.

2 October 2017: GlassPoint completes first block of the 1,021MWth Miraah solar thermal project.

31 September 2017: CSP generates 3.4% of Spain’s electricity during September.

29 September 2017: CSP-F to start operating 700kW Fresnel CSP plant in Italy.

27 September 2017: Abengoa returns to a positive EBITDA in the first half of 2017.

27 September 2017: DOE launches up to $15 million to tackle solar desalination.

26 September 2017: LuNeng awards EPC contract for 50 MW CSP tower project in China.

26 September 2017: CENER, IK4-TEKNIKER to develop an innovative collector concept that could bring down solar-field costs to $100/m2.

25 September 2017: DOE awards $3.7 million to UA researcher to advance CSP and PV technologies.

18 September 2017: SkySun heliostat cuts CSP system cost by 33%.

16 September 2017: Dubai Electricity & Water Authority awards $3.9bn 700 MW CSP project to ACWA Power and Shanghai Electric.

15 September 2017: DLR inaugurates molten salt TES testing facility in Germany.

13 September 2017: Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co. and CNNP Liaoning Nuclear Power Co. to jointly develop and invest in CSP projects in China.

12 September 2017: U.S. DOE announce $62 million in new funding to support advances in CSP technologies.

11 September 2017: Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co. of China Engineering Consulting Group proposes plan for 7,350 MW CSP park in Akesai Chin.

11 September 2017: U.S. DOE intends to issues solar-desalination funding opportunity around September 25th.

11 September 2017: South Africa plans to sign PPAs with renewable IPP developers.

4 September 2017: TuNur expected to cost $85 million in initial production costs.

1 September 2017: Chile's 110 MW Cerro Dominador CSP plant seeking $800 million to restart construction.

31 August 2017: CGN completes test run for the 50 MW Delingha, China's first commercial CSP plant.

24 August 2017: Aalborg CSP wins another order for a solar heating plant in Denmark.

22 August 2017: Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology bids the lowest price for the EPC of the 50 MW Luneng-DuCheng Haixi CSP tower plant.

16 August 2017: Abengoa announces Xina Solar One has achieved practical completion.

14 August 2017: SolarReserve awarded a 150 MW CSP tower project in Australia at $78/MWh.

14 August 2017: NWEPDI selects Dongfang Boiler Group to supply solar field; Dongfang to use first Stellio heliostat in China.

11 August 2017: Half of China's CSP demonstration projects are behind schedule.

9 August 2017: 247Solar signs agreement with Canadian power developer for 1 MW of CSP.

3 August 2017: Atlantica Yield posts $12.6m half-year profit; reports excellent performance of solar assets.

31 July 2017: CSP generates 4.1% of Spain's electricity during July.

31 July 2017: TuNur files authorisation request for 4.5 GW solar-export project.

27 July 2017: Cubico Sustainable Investments acquires Andasol 1 and Andasol 2 in Spain.

25 July 2017: Google X delegation visits Gemasolar, Valle 1 and Valle 2 CSP plants in Spain.

24 July 2017: Algonquin offers to buy Abengoa’s stake in Atlantica Yield.

20 July 2017: Luneng Group and DuCheng WeiYe released an EPC tender notice for a 50 MW CSP project in Haixi prefecture, China.

19 July 2017: SolarReserve receives environmental approval for the 390 MW Likana CSP project in Chile.

18 July 2017: NRG prepares to sell renewable energy assets, projects may include Ivanpah CSP.

18 July 2017: CSIC Haizhuang invites bids for a feasibility study on a 100 MW CSP project in China.

17 July 2017: Megalim Solar Power successfully sets 2,500-ton solar receiver on top of Ashalim Plot B’s tower.

13 July 2017: China's Shouhang IHW to develop 1 GW of CSP tower projects in Tulufan, eastern Xinjiang.

12 July 2017: DOE allocates $4.6 million to advanced CSP research.

12 July 2017: SolarReserve's Crescent Dunes back online and generating power.

30 June 2017: Abengoa to divest Khi Solar and Xina Solar One in South Africa.

29 June 2017: Wacker Chemie AG to supply newly developed silicone fluid HTF to China's Royal Tech CSP.

29 June 2017: China Three Gorges receives eight bids for EPC of 100 MW CSP project.

27 June 2017: India could install 5 GW of CSP by 2022, NITI Aayog's suggests in new national energy policy.

25 June 2017: Tunisia's 50 MW Akarit CSP project put on hold.

25 June 2017: Noor Midelt expected to achieve financial closing in 2018 and come online end 2020 or early 2021.

23 June 2017:  China's 100 MW SunCan Dunhuang CSP tower project to enter operation in August 2018. 

23 June 2017: Global installed CSP capacity expected to reach 34 GW in 2030, says DEWA CEO Saeed Al Tayer.

19 June 2017: Cleanergy signs agreement with MASEN.

19 June 2017: South Australian CSP R&D facility nears completion.

19 June 2017: MASEN president visits Sweden.

14 June 2017: Cleanergy signs agreement with Datang Holdings to build 200 MW CSP project in China.

12 June 2017: Aalborg CSP to commercialise large-scale energy storage solution.

11 June 2017: Enerstar plans for a 100 MW CSP tower in Chile.

9 June 2017: MASEN prequalifies five teams for Noor Midelt.

5 June 2017: DEWA receives bids from four consortia for its solar-tower project.

5 June 2017: Shanghai Electric plans to invest $40 million in DEWA's CSP project. 

31 May 2017: CSP generates 3.4% of Spain's total power production in May.

31 May 2017: Terrafore to work with DOE's Argonne on compact TES for CSP.

25 May 2017: ARENA invites CSP project proposals for Australia.

21 May 2017: Kogan Creek failure cost millions of dollars.

17 May 2017: New partnership created under S3PEnergy to include CSP and PV roadmaps.

13 May 2017: Renewable sources, not including hydropower, provided 67.2% of all electricity used by California Independent System Operator.

12 May 2017: Abengoa completes financial restructuring.

9 May 2017: VTT Technical Research’s COMBO-CFB project develops CSP-hybrid concept in Finland.

8 May 2017: SolarReserve plans for up to six plants in Australia.

5 May 2017: Ruling in favour of CSP developers in Spanish case.

28 April 2017: First mirrors installed at ENGIE's Kathu Solar Park.

28 April 2017: BASF supplying Morocco's Noor solar projects with various components.

28 April 2017: Namibia to launch tender for 150 MW CSP plant in September 2017.

25 April 2017: Kuwait Oil Company to launch tender for solar EOR project in 2017.

20 April 2017: Danish CSP plant becomes operational, starts providing district heating.

19 April 2017: Saudi Arabia to deploy 1 GW of CSP by 2023.

19 April 2017: DEWA extends bid deadline for CSP plant by three weeks.

10 April 2017: Saudi Arabia to announce the next phase of the kingdom’s renewable energy projects on April 17, 2017.

6 April 2017: Solastor plans for a 100 MW CSP tower plant in Port Augusta, South Australia.

31 March 2017: Australia commits AU$110 million for solar-tower project.

30 March 2017: Abengoa starts electrical power generation tests at its Xina Solar One.

27 March 2017: Royal Tech CSP awards Dongfang steam turbine and generator supply contract.

23 March 2017: China Shipbuilding Industry sets up CSP development company.

23 March 2017: MASEN looks to insure Ouarzazate solar complex.

20 March 2017: DEWA sets a May deadline for proposals from qualified bidders to develop its 200 MW CSP tower project.

17 March 2017: Suzhou Thvow Technology becomes largest shareholder in Yumen Xinneng project after investing $227.9m in the CSP tower plant.

16 March 2017: Abengoa sells four bioethanol plants in Spain and France to Trilantic Europe for 140 million euros.

16 March 2017: China Sinogy is selected as EPC contractor for 50 MW Yumen Xinneng molten salt tower plant.

9 March 2017: World Bank launches a knowledge and innovation program to support CSP investment decisions in the MENA region.

6 March 2017: Suunpower partners up with Norway’s EnergyNest for cost reduction in China's CSP projects.

6 March 2016: SolarReserve receives environmental approval for 450 MW 24/7 baseload CSP project in Chile

28 February 2017: NWEPDI shorlists equipment suppliers for its 50 MW CSP tower project in China.

28 February 2017: Abengoa announces 2016 results, reports losses of 7.6m euros.

25 February 2017: New 10 MW solar tower to be built in Italy.

22 February 2017: Hybrid microgrid in Italy to include CSP.

19 February 2017: Sener completes construction work on Noor II solar field in Morocco.

17 February 2017: DEWA is expected to award and close the auction for its 200 MW CSP project in the second half of 2017.

13 February 2017: Madrid university-led project to break thermal energy storage temp mark.

10 February 2017: Beijing Guohua Electric Power invited consulting firms to bid for owner’s engineer services for its 100 MW molten salt tower project in China.

8 February 2017: Tunisia announces 1 GW renewable energy program.

2 February 2017: Saudi Arabia's K.A.CARE to tender for CSP projects in second and third rounds of 3.45 GW RE scheme by 2020.

25 January 2017: MASEN to to announce the final prequalification list for its 400 MW Noor Midelt CSP-PV project in February 2017.

25 January 2017: Technical route for the 50 MW Shangyi CSP project changed from DSG to molten salt.

25 January 2017: Technical route for the 135 MW Delingha CSP project changed from DSG to molten salt.

25 January 2017: Construction starts on the 64 MW Zhongyang demo project in China.

25 January 2017: Construction starts on the 50 MW CGN Delingha demo project in China.

23 January 2017: Morocco on target to produce 42% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2020 and 52% by 2030.

17 January 2017: Capital One has acquired a tax equity stake in Crescent Dunes project with an investment of up to $78 million.

16 January 2017: Saudi Arabia to issue 300 MW solar tender; targets 10 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2023.

15 January 2017: DEWA issues RfP for 200 MW CSP tower project.

14 January 2017: Enel signs cooperation agreement with DEWA to help upgrade Dubai's power grid after reaching a similar deal with Saudi Electricity Company on January 11.

13 January 2017: Archimede Solar Energy supplies thousands of oil receiver tubes to Duba 1 ISCC plant in Saudi Arabia.

10 January 2017: DLR Institute, CSP Services GmbH and TSK Flagsol Engineering GmbH demonstrate a solar-irradiance “nowcasting system” in a 50 MW CSP plant in Spain.

10 January 2017: The UAE to invest $163bn in renewable energy projects by 2050.

10 January 2017: China's NWEPDI to open purchasing tender for CSP plant components on January 16.

5 January 2017: Kuwait's KAPP has extended the latest bid for the Abdaliyah ISCC plant by one month, moving it from January 4 to February 5, 2017.

3 January 2017: 247Solar to build and monitor a pilot CSP plant at Masdar Solar Hub in Abu Dhabi.

27 December 2016: China's 10 MW SunCan Dunhuang entered operation, becoming Asia’s first 24-hour molten-salt solar tower plant.

26 December 2016: CEME 1 CSP-PV project granted approval by Chile's environmental authorities.

16 December 2016: CSP experts start testing components of an innovative CSP tower at CIEMAT’s Plataforma Solar de Almeria in Southern Spain.

15 December 2016: CSP Today Quarterly Update December 2016 now available for download.

14 December 2016: Abengoa restarts work on the stalled Atacama 1 CSP-PV solar energy complex in Chile.

7 December 2016: South Africa's Department of Energy holds a series of public consultations for IRP feedback.

5 December 2016: Noupoort CSP project EIA released for comment & review.

5 December 2016: ÅF acquires Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas.

30 November 2016: Ibereolica declares bankruptcy for CSP units.

29 November 2016: CSP plant stakeholders meet H2020 projects to minimize water consumption.

29 November 2016: CSIRO signs heliostat licensing agreement with China's Thermal Focus.

26 November 2016: Construction starts on 50 MW Rayspower CSP demo plant in China.

23 November 2016: Beijing Guohua Electric Power Co. to launch EPC tender for 100 MW CSP demo plant on 8 February 2017.

16 November 2016: IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has agreed to a $20 million equity investment in ACWA Power Ouarzazate.

15 November 2016: MASEN to launch tender for Noor Midelt by the start of 2017.

10 November 2016: The U.S. Bureau of Land Management finalizes its new rule for solar and wind energy development on public lands.

10 November 2016: Shouhang Dunhuang 10 MW molten salt tower CSP plant has entered commissioning and will be inaugurated on 29 December 2016.

9 November 2016: ACWA Power establishes new company, ACWA Power RenewCo. to capitalise on the MENA market potential.

8 November 2016: The Clean Technology Fund and World Bank launch the MENA CSP Knowledge and Innovation Program to help accelerate CSP development in region.

7 November 2016: DEWA receives 30 expressions of interest for its 200 MW CSP plant.

7 November 2016: China cuts CSP target by half to 5 GW by 2020.

3 November 2016: World Bank investigates accident at Noor Ouarzazate III.

2 November 2016: Ivanpah sets new production records throughout the summer of 2016.

2 November 2016: Ashalim Plot B makes construction progress; 70% of solar field now complete.

20 October 2016: Ingeteam awarded detailed engineering contract for Qinghai Delingha in China.

20 October 2016: Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory design innovative TES system using magnesium chloride as the storage medium.

12 October 2016: SolarReserve plans 2 GW CSP project in Nevada.

11 October 2016: Spanish researchers explore molten silicon as an energy storage medium

30 September 2016: Abengoa posts 3.7 bn-euro net loss for H2 2016.

26 September 2016: BrightSource Energy's Qinghai Delingha project to be built under China's CSP demonstration pilot program.

23 September 2016: Arizona Solar One fined $1.5m for air-quality violations at Solana CSP plant.

16 September 2016: Bokpoort CSP plant named as “Best Energy Project of the Year 2016". 

15 September 2016: Land Bureau to release new leasing rule to streamline renewable projects' approval

15 September 2016: Eskom confirms commitment to Redstone.

13 September 2016: China names 20 CSP demonstration projects.

13 September 2016: TuNur project in Tunisia is now being implemented in two phases.

12 September 2016: Argonne researchers design less expensive TES system using DOE funds.

7 September 2016: DLR Institute of Solar Research publishes details about its involvement in the EU-funded project WASCOP (Water Saving for Concentrated Solar Power).

3 September 2016: Kuwait signs agreement with World Bank.

2 September 2016: SUNCNIM achieves financial close for the 9 MWe eLLO Fresnel project in France.

1 September 2016: China formally announces FiT for CSP demo projects.

31 August 2016: WECSP project in Jordan starts construction.

31 August 2016: Mott MacDonald providing technical advisory to Kathu CSP plant.

31 August 2016: Abengoa may resume work on Atacama 1 CSP project in Q4 2016.

25 August 2016: SQM expects delays in solar salt sales volumes during 2016.

25 August 2016: DEWA awards consultancy tender for 200 MW CSP project.

21 August 2016: The 10 MW Supcon Delingha Phase II in China enters operation, becoming the first operational molten salt CSP tower in China and the third in the world.

20 August 2016: Construction to start soon on the 17 MW Yazd CSP plant; developers target 2017 for operation.

18 August 2016: Australian scientists set world record for efficiency for a CSP-dish system.

17 August 2016: Chile receives record low bids for PV and CSP.

17 August 2016: Wilson Solarpower says its 247Solar CSP plant could reach electricity costs of 5-6 US cents/kWh with mass production.

14 August 2016: DEWA officials visit Spain to gain insights into CSP from Abengoa.

12 August 2016: Abengoa SA strikes a deal with creditors.

12 August 2016: CSTEP launches Renewable Energy Atlas for India.

10 August 2016: South Australia urged to support CSP in Port Augusta.

10 August 2016: XEMC Holding, Inc. to divest Dish-Stirling business.

04 August 2016: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems launch a project to verify the performance of a proprietary CSP system.

30 July 2016: China’s Dunhuang Phase One 10 MW project added to the Global Tracker.

29 July 2016: African Development Bank may fund Noor Midelt.

28 July 2016: DoE awards $9m to six CSP R&D projects.

28 July 2016: Eskom postpones signing of PPA with Redstone CSP project.

26 July 2016: Four companies bid consultant advisory services for the 200 MW CSP plant project in Dubai.

22 July 2016: Eskom says it will not be signing further PPAs with RE IPPs.

20 July 2016: Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas has completed site engineering works on the 50 MW Qinghai Delingha CSP plant in China.

19 July 2016: Sener and Acciona start construction on Engie’s 100 MW Kathu CSP plant.

18 July 2016: Masdar launches dust forecasting system to provide real-time information on sandstorms in the Middle East region.

18 July 2016: MASEN issues the Request for Prequalification for the design, financing, construction and operation of the first phase of Noor Midelt. The deadline for proposal submissions is 14 October 2016.

17 July 2016: UNIDO is preparing a roadmap for the development of 100 MW of CSP capacity in India over the next five years.

17 July 2016: Noupoort CSP project added to the Global Tracker in South Africa.

17 July 2016: Ilanga CSP 9 added to the Global Tracker in South Africa.

17 July 2016: Ilanga CSP 8 project added to the Global Tracker in South Africa.

17 July 2016: Ilanga CSP 7 project added to the Global Tracker in South Africa.

17 July 2016: Ennex dish-Stirling project in South Africa cancelled.

9 July 2016: Kubo Group selected by GlassPoint Solar to provide greenhouses for the 1,021 MWth Miraah project.

7 July 2016: Eskom has secured $1.4bn in loan facilities from the African Development Bank for the expansion and strengthening of South Africa's transmission network.

6 July 2016: Abengoa transfers Abentel activities to Ericsson.

5 July 2016: , ArcelorMittal supplying 1,150 tonnes of specialized steel for the Noor III CSP plant in Morocco.

4 July 2016: Italian utility company A2A S.p.A. has inaugurated a 2 MW CSP plant in Sicily.

1 July 2016: DLR announces the launch of RAISELIFE project that aims to improve the lifetime of key CSP materials over the next four years.

30 June 2016: DEWA to issue the RfP for the 200 MW Phase One CSP project before the end of 2016 and the construction tender in the first half of 2017.

27 June 2016: Construction on South Africa's Redstone CSP project is expected to start in September 2016 according to SolarReserve.

23 June 2016: Nur Energie announced that TuNur has been successfully included in the shortlist of the European Network of Transmission Operators Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2016.

22 June: HySol project successfully completed and showcased in Spain.

22 June 2016: Ener-t International announced it would be developing 2.5 GW of CSP capacity in China through a joint venture with local companies.

22 June 2016: Cleanergy has applied for three 50 MW CSP demonstration projects under China’s pilot program.

22 June 2016: India's Aavin installs CST system for milk pasteurization.

21 June 2016: Abengoa has signed an agreement to sell its 3% stake in Spanish mobile operator Yoigo to telecom group MASMOVIL for €35 million, a deal which is part of the company’s divestment programme.

21 June 2016: US DOE has awarded Pacific Northwest National Laboratory $684,000 to help commercialize a solar thermochemical reactor system that uses CSP to convert natural gas into more valuable fuels, including hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles.

18 June 2016: NSTEA starts work on CSP standards.

17 June 2016: CSIRO unveils solar-powered air-conditioning system in Australia.

16 June 2016: Siemens announced it was supplying three steam turbines for Noor II and Noor III CSP plants in Morocco by the end of 2016.

10 June 2016: Nur Energie and Motor Oil Hellas JV has been granted approval to increase Crete CSP plant’s capacity from 38 MW to 52 MW. Construction on the project is expected to start in November 2016.

10 June 2016: Germany’s Eltherm awarded contract by Abengoa for the engineering, construction and installation of a heat tracing system for Xina Solar One CSP plant in South Africa.

9 June 2016: ACWA Power aims to close financing for the 100 MW Redstone CSP project in July 2016.

9 June 2016: Germany's FRENELL eyes Chinese market for deployment of its modular CSP technology.

8 June 2016: Masdar Institute develops novel solar absorber to improve efficiency of CSP technology.

7 June 2016: Saudi Arabia cuts renewables target to 10% of energy mix from 50%.

3 June 2016: Sydney-based solar developer Solastor said it will officially announce a proposal for the development of a CSP tower plant in Port Augusta on June 7.

2 June 2016: Chilean chemical producer SQM plans to increase its potassium nitrate production capacity by 500,000 metric tons per year to bring total production capacity to 1.5 million metric tons per year.

2 June 2016: DEWA announces plans to build 1,000 MW of CSP by 2030 in Dubai; releases advisory services tender for 200 MW CSP IPP plant.

1 June 2016: A new report by the UAE-based International Renewable Energy Agena forecast that by 2025, the LCOE of CSP could drop by 37% (6 US cents/kWh) for parabolic troughs and 43% (7 US cents/kWh) for solar towers.

1 June 2016: Kathu CSP project has lined up loans totalling nearly $588 million from South African lenders.

1 June 2016: Ingeteam will supply the frequency converters for the Noor II and Noor III CSP plants in Morocco.

31 May 2016: Construction of the solar field of Agua Prieta II ISCC station in Mexico stood at 98.2% at the end of May 2016. The hybrid CSP plant is expected to be operational by the end of July 2016.

31 May 2016: Sener and Acciona announced that they started turnkey construction of the Kathu solar park complex, after signing a EUR 500-million contract with the ENGIE-led consortium that owns the project.

25 May 2016: Ivanpah Unit 3 tower to be back online in three weeks after fire accident, NRG Energy confirmed.

25 May 2016: MASEN confirmed during the MENASol 2016 conference that its next project, Noor Tata, will integrate CSP and PV like Noor Midelt, and that expressions of interest for the project would be launched in 2016.

24 May 2016: Bidding for the supply of molten salt, molten salt pump, steam generation system and molten salt tank, to the 10 MW Lanzhou Gansu DCTC CSP project to open on 31 May 2016.

19 May 2016: Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects extends the bid deadline for the Abdaliyah ISCC project for the second time to 21 July 2016.

17 May 2016: KISR said that construction had begun on Al Shagaya solar and wind power stations in Kuwait, and that the second phase of the project would offer the private sector the opportunity to invest in 500 MW of renewable energy projects.

16 May 2016: Enerray progresses on construction of 1 MW Linear Fresnel CSP plant in Morocco.

12 May 2016: Megalim Solar Power is reportedly starting construction this month on the tower of the 121 MW Ashalim Plot B CSP plant in Israel.

12 May 2016: Eni to develop 220 MW of renewable energy capacity in Italy by 2022, potentially including CSP.

11 May 2016: FRENELL claims its DMS technology can lower CSP cost to 5-7 US cents/kWh.

9 May 2016: ENGIE announced that it signed a 20-year PPA with Eskom for the 100 MW Kathu CSP plant in South Africa.

8 May 2016: Brazil's 1 MW Helioterm CSP project should receive its preliminary license in the first half of 2016.

4 May 2016: Vast Solar's 1.1 MWe Jemalong Solar Thermal Pilot Plant is now expected to enter operation in Q3 2016.

2 May 2016: SolarReserve partners with Shenhua Group Corporation to build 1,000 MW of CSP projects in China.

26 April 2016: ACWA Power announced that its 50 MW Bokpoort CSP plant in South Africa has produced electricity for a continuous period of 161 hours - equivalent to almost six days - within the first month of commercial operation.

25 April 2016:  Saudi Arabia announces the “Saudi Arabia Vision 2030”, which targets 9.5 GW of renewable energy.

25 April 2016: Noy Fund and TSK Group will replace Abengoa in the construction of the 110 MW Ashalim Plot A CSP plant.

23 April 2016: India’s 50 MW Godawari CSP Plant achieved a milestone when it generated 589 MWh of power in a single day.

22 April 2016: CSP start-up 247Solar Inc. signed a Hong Kong-based joint venture with Chinese developer Shenzhen Enesoon Science & Technology Co. to build 1,000 MW of CSP projects in China over the next five years.

20 April 2016: GlassPoint Solar announced the opening of a new office in the city of Bakersfield in California and the appointment of two oil industry veterans to accelerate the deployment of solar-enhanced oil recovery projects in the U.S. state.

13 April 2016: The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announced it was funding a new project that will use CSP for alumina smelting.

12 April 2016: SCOPEBIG hybrid CSP-biomass power plant in India receives statutory clearances; turbines and boiler ordered.

7 April 2016: Abengoa sells four PV plants in Spain and agrees to sell wind farm in Uruguay.

6 April 2016: Reliance Power announced that its 125 MW Linear-Fresnel based CSP plant in Rajasthan generated a record output of 100 MW.

29 March 2016: NRG Energy Inc. announced that the CSP station had generated 67,300 MWh in February 2016. This output was more than double the 30,300 MWh generated a year earlier.

29 March 2016: SolarReserve has secured the land, completed environmental studies, and received environmental approval to move forward with the Copiapo CSP-PV hybrid project in Chile.

29 March 2016: Enel Green Power North America announced the completion of the final step in its Stillwater Hybrid Power Plant by combining the geothermal facility with the CSP and PV systems.

29 March 2016: Argentina’s La Rioja provincial government signed a letter of intent with China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. for the development of solar thermal power projects in the province.

29 March 2016: Abengoa has announced that its Khi Solar One plant in South Africa completed 24 consecutive hours of operation, becoming the first CSP tower in Africa and the first tower plant to achieve 24 hours of operation with solar energy.

29 March 2016: Oman to tender for up to 200 MW of solar capacity in 2016, including CSP and PV technologies.

28 March 2016: Abengoa has reportedly struck a deal with its creditors that allows it until October 28, 2016 to continue negotiations on restructuring its debts.

23 March 2016: India’s Central Electricity Regulatory Commission has determined the “benchmark capital cost norm” for PV and solar thermal power projects during FY 2016-2017.

23 March 2016: Aalborg CSP reported that it had completed the construction of the 127-metre solar tower of Sundrop Farm solar thermal plant.

22 March 2016: Spain’s competition authority CNMC authorized Rioglass Solar’s planned acquisition of Schott Solar CSP GmbH’s Spanish subsidiary, including its factory in Sevilla.

21 March 2016: BrightSource Energy is deploying its newly-improved heliostats, solar field communications network and solar field control systems on the 121 MW Ashalim CSP plant.

21 March 2016: General Electric has taken over EPC duties at the 121 MW Ashalim Plot B CSP project, following its recent acquisition of Alstom’s power business.

18 March 2016: A new guideline was released to specify the recommended accelerated aging conditions for aluminium reflectors in CSP plants.

17 March 2016: California Public Utilities Commission approved a deal between Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and the owners of Ivanpah solar electric generating station that allows the plant more time to increase electricity production.

16 March 2016: Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) announced it was extending the bid deadline for the Abdaliyah ISCC project to 17 May 2016 from the original deadline of 17 March 2016.

16 March 2016: SunCan consortium (SunCan Co. and Shandong Electric Power Construction NO.2 Co.) have been awarded the EPC contract for CGN’s Qinghai Delingha CSP project.

16 March 2016: China has approved its 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) for economic and social development. According to local media reports, the plan stresses on the implementation of CSP demonstration projects and acceleration of R&D in CSP and thermal energy storage.

14 March 2016: ACWA Power’s Bokpoort CSP plant in South Africa has been officially inaugurated.

10 March 2016: Researchers from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) completed a study of temperature requirements for industrial process heating in Europe.

8 March 2016: Engie Group, the developer of the 100-MW Kathu CSP plant in South Africa, reported that the project was approaching financial close, after which construction would take 28 months. Total investment in Kathu is now expected to be around €650 million, instead of the previously announced €500 million.

6 March 2016: Qatar Environment & Energy Research Centre (QEERI) confirmed to CSP Today that the DohaSOL CSP desalination project has been cancelled.

4 March 2016: SolarReserve’s CEO Kevin Smith told Chinese media that his company plans to participate in developing multiple CSP projects in China, each of a similar size to the 110-MW Crescent Dunes in Nevada.

3 March 2016: EUROSUNMED, a four-year collaborative project supported by the FP7 Programme of the European Commission, announced that it successfully installed a solar tower for the first experimental heliostat field in Egypt.

1 March 2016: Namibia Power Corporation (NamPower) invited tenders for the study of the macroeconomic impact of its CSP pilot plant. The tender's closing date is 1 April 2016.

29 February 2016: Aalborg CSP to deliver the world’s first CSP system combined with a biomass-Organic Rankine Cycle plant in Denmark for district heating.

29 February 2016: The Inter-American Development Bank, through the Banca Nacional de Desarrollo, approved a $9.3 million loan to promote private investment in renewable energy in Colombia’s isolated and non-interconnected zones.

28 February 2016: Flabeg to provide its Ultimate Trough to Duba 1 ISCC power plant in Saudi Arabia.

28 February 2016: Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) said that the 14 MW CSP unit of the 394.1 MW Agua Prieta II ISCC plant would enter commercial operation in April 2016.

27 February 2016: German development bank KfW signed an agreement with MASEN to lend the agency €400 million to finance the construction of Noor Midelt solar complex.

26 February 2016: SolarReserve said it had proposed to build a 110MW CSP plant with eight hours’ storage north of Port Augusta in South Australia.

25 February 2016: Brazil’s Electric Power Research Center (Eletrobas Cepel) signed a contract with Germany’s Enolcon for technical advice on a CSP pilot plant tender. The tender is aimed at appointing an EPC firm to construct Helioterm’s 1 MW CSP plant in Petrolina.

24 February 2016: Abengoa Bioenergy US Holding, a US affiliate of Spanish group Abengoa, has filed for bankruptcy.

22 February 2016: Cresent Dunes CSP plant generates electricity at its full 110 MW capacity.

15 February 2016: Masdar Institute starts up CSPonD Demo pilot in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

10 February 2016: PreFlexMS CSP demonstrator will be installed at the Evora Molten Salt Platform in Portugal

5 February 2016: Authorities in Argentina’s Mendoza province signed a preliminary agreement with Gigawatt Global for the construction of a $740-million CSP-PV hybrid power plant.

4 February 2016: Abengoa has sold its 20% stake in Shams 1 to Masdar.

4 February 2016: Noor 1 CSP plant inaugurated by King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

3 February 2016: Flabeg awarded contract to supply 400,000 of its solar mirrors to the 150-MW Noor III CSP tower plant in Morocco.

2 February 2016: Khi Solar One starts operation, becoming Africa's first solar tower plant.

23 January 2016: Vast Solar has started commissioning works on its 1.1MWe Jemalong Solar Thermal Station.

23 January 2016: Abengoa is seeking to divest its non-core assets, including Abengoa Bionenergia, and may sell off some of its properties, such as its headquarters in Seville. Additionally, the company is said to be reducing its revenue by about 30% as part of a viability plan to be presented to creditors.

20 January 2016: CGN has awarded the heat transfer & storage system EPC contract for its Qinghai Delingha CSP project to Shandong Sunway Petrochemical Engineering Share Co.

7 January 2016: Abengoa Yield announced it has changed its corporate brand to Atlantica Yield.

4 January 2016: CGN Power Group held the bid opening for the solar field EPC of its 50 MW CSP project in Delingha, Qinghai province.

31 December 2015: MASEN calls for EOIs for the development of Noor Midelt.

29 December 2015: Masdar Institute Solar Platform announced that its researchers have demonstrated that desert sand could be used in CSP facilities to store thermal energy up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

28 December 2015: MASEN has called off the inauguration of Noor 1 in Morocco, which was due to open 27 December 2015, without citing a reason.

24 December 2015: Jemalong Solar Thermal Station commissioning pushed to January 2016.

23 December 2015: Abengoa’s creditor banks have agreed to inject €113 million into the company.

22 December 2015: EDF Renewable Energy subsidiary Maverick Solar filed a petition with the California Energy Commission to convert Palen 1 to a PV project.

22 December 2015: Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has agreed to allow NRG Energy six months to improve the output of Ivanpah CSP plant.

17 December 2015: ACWA Power's Bokpoort CSP plant in South Africa enters commissioning,

16 December 2015: Abengoa plans to sell Palen to EDF Renewable Energy, a San Diego-based solar and wind developer, pending the approval of a bankrtupcy court.

8 December 2015: Rioglass Solar signs an agreement to acquire Schott’s receiver business, including the company in Spain and its assets in Germany.

7 December 2015: Energy researchers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) put into service a thermal storage system that uses lime as the storage medium.

7 December 2015: Rajiv Gandhi Technical University in India announces it will be completing its advanced Cross-Linear CSP installation by February 2016.

3 December 2015: Brazilian Development Bank signs an agreement with three Japanese banks to raise $100 million for investment in renewable energy projects.

3 December 2015: NRG CEO steps down amidst drop in company's share price

1 December 2015: RWE to spin off renewables and grid operations as listed unit

30 November 2015: EBRD earmarks $500m for Egypt's solar power programme in 2016

25 November 2015: Masdar and EnergyNest AS launch the Masdar Institute Solar Platform and a first of its kind thermal energy storage (TES) solution.

25 November 2015: Abengoa files for creditor protection, CEO resigns

22 November 2015: CSP Today was informed that financial close for Ilanga CSP project was delayed from July 2014 to December 2014, which directly affeced the project's expected completion date. The project is now anticipated to be completed in the first half of 2018 instead of the first half of 2017.

19 November 2015: Eleven CSP projects have been added to the South African market on the Projects Tracker – all currently under planning. These projects are Ilanga CSP 3, Ilanga CSP 4, Ilanga CSP 5, Ilanga Tower 1, Kai Garib, Kalahari, Paulputs, Rooipunt, SolarReserve Kotulo Tsatsi CSP Plant 1, SolarReserve Kotulo Tsatsi CSP Plant 2, and SolarReserve Kotulo Tsatsi Energy CSP Facility.

19 November 2015: European Commission approves proposal by AGENEX to create a "European Operator Certification for Solar Fields".

18 November 2015: The Namibian Electricity Control Board and the Minister of Mines and Energy in Namibia have reportedtly started working on a bill to encourage independent power producers to apply for licenses.

18 November 2015: CSP Today was informed that construction on the 50 MWe M.I.N.O.S. CSP tower project in Greece has been pushed from July 2014 to November 2016, while the expected operation date has been moved from January 2016 to January 2019.

18 November 2015: CSP Today was informed that the dish Stirling project at Tooele Army Depot was currently on hold after encountering technical issues.

11 November 2015: BrightSource Energy announces the launch of its Chinese-language website.

11 November 2015: UK based thermal fluid provider Globaltherm launched the Omnistore MS-550, a molten salt heat transfer media that operates at high temperatures, ranging from 150 to 550 degrees Celsius.

10 November 2015: Munich-based Solar Tower Systems GmbH announced the sale of a solar tower technology package containing patents rights, know-how, design documents and specifications.

10 November 2015: China's National Energy Administration announced it had received 109 applications for CSP demonstration projects.

8 November 2015: Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) launched the Request for Proposals for the Abdaliyah ISCC project in Kuwait, inviting the seven pre-qualified bidders to participate in the tender. The deadline for bid submissions has been set for 17 March 2016.

5 November 2015: NamPower invites tenders for CSP plant in place of coal-fired unit.

3 November 2015: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development together with its partners launched a US$ 250 million financing framework for private-sector renewable energy generation in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Jordan.

5 November 2015: Petroleum Development Oman and GlassPoint broke ground on the Miraah CSP-Enhanced Oil Recovery project.

2 November 2015: Saudi Electricity Company has signed a $667 million contract for the EPC of the Duba ISCC plant.

31 October 2015: The European Investment Bank announced a service contract forecast for a techno-economic advisor tender that will be released in December 2015. The tender is for a feasibility study of the NamPower CSP project in Namibia.

28 October 2015: ANEST has reported that Italy's new decree on CSP incentives is in the approval phase by the Ministry of Economic Development and is expected to be released by mid-December 2015.

27 October 2015: SolarReserve announced that its Crescent Dunes plant in Nevada has delivered power to the grid for the first time and should reach its full 100 MW capacity by the end of 2015.

26 October 2015: Chile's Ministry of National Assets announced it was auctioning 443 hectares of state-owned land in the Antofagasta and Atacama regions for the development of CSP, PV, and wind projects. The land will be divided into six areas and concession contracts will be granted for 30 years. The government will be accepting bids on December 9 and estimates that will take approximately 30 days to review them and 50 days to allocate the land.

19 October 2015: 14 prequalifications have been submitted for Egypt’s West Nile CSP plant tender.

14 October 2015: CSP Today has been informed that the 50-MW CSP portion of the Dervish Integrated Renewables Combined Cycle (IRCC) plant in Turkey had been cancelled.

14 October 2015: CSP Today learnt that the 110kW dish Stirling project in Dubai has been completed and is currently operational.

13 October 2015: Danish developer Aalborg began construction on a custom-built CSP tower system for the Port Augusta CSP Project. Aalborg aims to have the CSP tower fully commissioned in the second half of 2016.

11 October 2015: DEWA has awarded Stantec International an engineering consultancy contract to build a research and development centre and lab at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The solar energy R&D Centre will consist of two testing facilities, one for photovoltaic solar testing and the other for concentrated solar power.

8 October 2015: Enel Green Power sets up regional headquarters in Morocco.

8 October 2015: The CTF Committee approved an amendment to the financial terms of its allocation of US$66.12 million in loans for Abengoa’s Atacama 1 CSP-PV hybrid project in Chile. Up to 100% instead of 50% of the project’s CTF funding may now be subordinated, and subordination will be not only in terms of payments but also in terms of security.

2 October 2015: Brazil announced that its first 1MW experimental CSP project, Petrolina, could be operating by 2017 and that its first CSP auction is likely to be held two years later.

1 October 2015: Abengoa announced it had raised EUR 285 million (USD 317.6m) from Spain’s first solar bond offering to refinance the 50-MW Solaben Electricidad 1 and the 50-MW Solaben Electricidad 6 CSP plants.

30 September 2015: China's National Energy Administration (NEA) released a notification informing the CSP industry of guidelines for the development of CSP demonstration projects in the country. Proposals for such projects are being received by the NEA's New Energy Division until the end of October 2015. A summary of these guidelines can be viewed under China's Market Overview & Developments in the Global Tracker.

28 September 2015: The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel) has invited proposals for R&D projects to develop CSP technology in Brazil.

29 September 2015: German CSP mirror manufacturer Flabeg announced its next-generation parabolic trough mirror.

29 September 2015: Saft Group subsidiary Tadiran Batteries announced it was awarded a contract by BrightSource Energy to provide rechargeable energy packs to power more than 50,000 heliostats being deployed at the 121-MW Ashalim Plot B CSP plant in Israel.

29 September 2015: Abengoa reported that its 110-MW Atacama 1 CSP project in Chile was due to come on line in Q4 2016, and that the plant’s solar thermal component was 58% complete.

29 September 2015: ACWA Power reported that the solar field of Noor I was 100% complete and that commissioning activities had started.

23 September 2015: Alinta Energy concluded that the construction of a 50 MW, molten salt power-tower in the town of Port Augusta was not an economically feasible option. The decision to cancel the project was communicated in the final part of the project's feasability's study.

21 September 2015: Solar experts at the US-India Energy Partnership Summit in Washington DC discussed the possibility of commercializing CSP technology with storage, patented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

18 September 2015: DOE awards $2m to a research collaboration led by University of Wisconsin-Madison that aims to advance utility-scale CSP technology.

17 September 2015: Morocco-based Maghreb Steel supplies steel structures to the 160 MW Noor I project.

16 September 2015: DOE signed a $3m jointly funded agreement with Southern Research to demonstrate high-temp thermochemical energy storage.

16 September 2015: Purdue University was awarded a $4.8 million three-year university matched award from the U.S Department of Energy’s SunShot initiative to research and develop heat exchangers.

16 September 2015: China General Nuclear Power Group invited bids for the procurement of molten salt for the 50 MW Qinghai Delingha CSP plant, with funds provided by the Asian Development Bank. The deadline for the submission of bids is 28 October 2015.

15 September 2015: Germany's Schott Group announced it was "restructuring" its solar receiver research department due to weak demand for solar thermal power plant components and related innovations.

14 September 2015: Cargo Power & Infrastructure said that it expects to start construction on the 25 MW Gujarat Solar One in India from the first week of October 2015, as the Government of Gujarat has approved the land and extended the company's PPA until 30 June 2017. The project is expected to connect to the grid in March 2017.

13 September 2015, it was officially announced that TSK was awarded the 50 MW Shagaya CSP project in Kuwait, and that commercial operation was scheduled for 2017.

4 September 2015: The 1 MW EU-funded WECSP has been added to Jordan's projects in the Global Tracker. Currently under construction, it will be the first Linear Fresnel CSP plant in the Middle East when completed in Q4 2015.

27 August 2015: The Solar Thermal Energy Research Group (STERG) at Stellenbosch University has announced they will be showcasing their TIA Helio100 project to the public on 17 October 2015 at SolarPACES in Cape Town, South Africa.

27 August 2015: Abengoa proposes to pursue parabolic trough technology for the Palen Solar Power Project instead of the solar tower technology previously approved by the California Energy Commission.

24 August 2015: CSP Today has announced its launch of the Markets Forecast Report: 2015-2015. The report is now published and available for downloading.

24 August 2015: China General Nuclear released a tender announcement for the Heat Transfer Fluid of the Qinghai Delingha CSP project. The tender is scheduled to open on 9 October 2015.

24 August 2015: Saudi Electricity Company invites EOIs for the construction of the new 3,600 MW Taiba ISCC, which will include a 180 MWe CSP plant.

19 August 2015: Abengoa announces a new 315 MW CSP plant in Chile.

18 August 2015: SkyFuel acquired by China's Kaidi.

10 August 2015: Heliostat South Australia signs MoU with India's Gravita to develop industrial CSP thermal applications for metal recycling.

11 August 2015: Egypt's Ministry of Electricity announces a tender for a 50 MW CSP plant.

4 August 2015: Abengoa files petition to request a one-year extension on the construction of Palen Solar Power Project.

4 August 2015: United Photovoltaics Group Limited wins bid to develop and operate 100 MW CSP plant in Shanxi Province, China.

17 July 2015: HydroRevolution announces a solar desalination plant in California.

8 July 2015: Petroleum Development Oman and GlassPoint Solar announced plans to build 1,021 MW Miraah in Oman.

3 July 2015: Bidding on Duba 1 CSP plant to open in July 2015.

22 June 2015: Chile's environmental authorities accepted for evaluation Elecnor's 105 MW Camarones project.

19 June 2015: China’s Qinghai province signs MOU with Abengoa for two 50MW CSP projects in Ulan and Golmud.

12 June 2015: Ashalim Plot B moves into construction.

4 June 2015: Bokpoort moves into commissioning.

27 May 2015: Noor II and Noor III move into construction.

27 May 2015: Atacama-2 receives environmental approval.

26 May 2015: $32 million made available for investment in solar in USA - $15 million specifically for innovation in solar collectors.

20 May 2015: Noor II and Noor III achieve financial close.

18 May 2015: RET in Australia reduced to 33 GW by 2020.

17 May 2015: Waste to thermal energy storage initiative announced by Masdar.

11 May 2015: KaXu Solar One ownership transferred to Abengoa Yield.

1 May 2015: Abengoa signs MoU with Egypt’s NREA.

13 April 2015: Preferred bidders in South Africa's Window 4 of the REIPPP made known.

6 April 2015: Oman Water Procurement Company announces plans to tender 200 MW of solar.

31 March 2015 – NTPC releases tender for CSP-coal power integration in India.

18 March 2015: Public Investment Corporation (PIC), South Africa's biggest pension fund, acquires a 20% stake in each of Xina Solar One and Ilanga 1 projects. PIC is also lending Ilanga 1 $ 49.6 million in debt finance.

13 March 2015: Abengoa closes $ 660 million in non-recourse project financing for Xina Solar One in South Africa.

9 March 2015: Shortlisted bidders announced for the EPC re-tender of Kuwait's Shagaya CSP project.

2 March 2015: KaXu Solar in South Africa enters commercial operation.

13 February 2015: € 2.5 million has been made available for the funding of solar energy research in Cyprus.

13 February 2015: New project announced in Australia.

9 February 2015: New project announced in Israel.

28 January 2015: NamPower releases tender for ground measurement stations and CSP road map.

23 January 2015: Fate of Palen project in USA dependent on ITC extension.

22 January 2015: ANEST claims 120 MW of CSP likely to be in construction by 2016.

21 January 2015: Dubai announced it has increased its renewable energy target from 5% to 7% by 2020, and to 15% by 2030.

19 January 2015: Saudi Arabia – K.A.CARE discusses potential to reduce renewables target to 30 GW within next 20 years.

19 January 2015: Saudi Arabia – Duba 1 ISCC project bidders added to CSP Today Global Tracker.

10 January 2015: Noor II and Noor III in Morocco awarded to ACWA-led consortium.

8 January 2015: Redstone CSP Project in South Africa's Window 3.5 to include 12 hours of storage.

6 January 2015: Kathu CSP Project in South Africa's Window 3.5 to include 4.5 hours of storage.

31 December 2014: GE awarded SAR 1 billion contract to supply Duba 1 ISCC in Saudi Arabia.

18 December 2014: 950 GWh/ year tender awarded to Abengoa for next 15 years in Chile.

17 December 2014: EUR 115 million provided by KFW to promote solar in Chile.

12 December 2014: Kathu CSP and Redstone awarded Window 3.5 in South Africa's REIPPP.

12 December 2014: Ilanga and Xina Solar achieve financial close under Window 3 of South Africa's REIPPPP.

11 December 2014: Sources indicate update on Window 3.5 to take place on Monday 15 December.

9 December 2014: Abengoa and Hyundai E&C sign MoU to develop ISCCs.

8 December 2014: Aalborg and eSolar contracted in the Sundrop Farms project in Australia.

3 December 2014: Additional funding secured for Noor II and Noor III, Morocco.

1 December 2014: Mojave CSP project in the USA begins commercial operation.

1 December 2014: Financial close for South Africa's Window 3 to take place in December 2014 and January 2015.

30 November 2014: German utility EON to focus on renewables.

25 November 2014: Banco Santander looks to sell shares in Crescent Dunes project.

21 November 2014: Window 4 announcement in South Africa delayed from 24 November to 5 December 2014.

12 November 2014: Megha CSP project (India) now in operation.

12 November 2014 – Window 3.5 announcement and IRP Update still unclear.

11 November 2014: Reliance AREVA Project in India now in operation.

10 November 2014: Bright Source and Shanghai Electric Group partner to perform EPC work for two new CSP projects in China.

4 November 2014: Abengoa to aquire BrightSource shares in Palen Project, USA.

29 October 2014: KaXu Solar in South Africa 98.8% complete.

22 October 2014: TuNur's application to British Government rejected.

20 October 2014: TuNur CSP project developers apply for funding from British Government.

14 October 2014: Desertec ‘adapts format’ as news emerges that only three of 19 original shareholders remain.

10 October 2014: Eskom revises 2015 - 2024 Transmission Development Plan.

1 October 2014: $25 million made available for the R&D into cost reduction for CSP.

1 October 2014: New Funding for Noor II and Noor III in Morocco.

29 September 2014: Palen CSP project withdrawn.

23 September 2014: Draft Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP), California, open for public comment until 9 January 2015.

22 September 2014: Abengoa to sell Solacor and PS CSP projects to Abengoa Yield.

20 September 2014: Egypt confirms new feed in tariffs for renewables.

16 September 2014: Egypt to auction 2GW of solar in October 2014.

12 September 2014: Tamil Nadu Tariff for CSP and PV.

12 September 2014: Presiding Member's Proposed Decision (PMDP) Released for Palen Energy Project.

10 September 2014: Novatec, BASF begin operation of DMS technology at Puerto Errado 1.

8 September 2014: GlassPoint receives US $ 53 million investment.

28 August 2014: RET Review Report Published by Australian Government.

28 August 2014: Shearman & Sterling advise Abengoa on bridge financing for Cerro Dominador.

26 August 2014: $21.5 million made available for solar research in Australia.

26 August 2014: Schott discontinues receiver production in Mitterteich.

25 August 2014: ACS to sell renewable energy assets.

13 August 2014: NEW Waad Al Shamal Power Plant ISCC in Saudi Arabia.

7 August 2014: CNNC and K.A.CARE sign agreement.

7 August 2014: EIB confirms R1.1 billion loan for Eskom project, South Africa.

6 August 2014: DBSA signs financing contract with EIB for KaXu CSP project in South Africa.

6 August 2014: Announcement of preferred bidders in Window 3.5., South Africa, delayed to end August 2014.

4 August 2014: Co-operative research for Stillwater CSP-Geothermal Plant.

1 August 2014: AREVA exits CSP.

28 July 2014: Palen evidentiary hearing: 29 July – 31 July 2014.

28 July 2014: Uruguay releases Request for Proposal for CSP study.

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay is seeking a consultancy or research firm to help undertake research into the future development of CSP projects in the country. Both hybrid and standalone CSP projects will be assessed as part of the "Climate Change Programme: Promoting Renewable and Efficient Use of Energy".
The deadline for submitting proposals is 11 August 2014, whilst any queries need to be submitted by 8 August 2014.
Further information can be seen here.

23 July 2014: EnviroMission signs Head of Agreement to develop Solar Towers in India.

21 July 2014: Financial close for Window 3, South Africa, delayed to November 2014.

17 July 2014: Carbon Tax Repeal Bill 2013 approved by Senate in Australia.

15 July 2014: UAE Water Aid Foundation - $1 million reward for producing desalinated water using solar technology.

14 July 2014: SEC invites tender for EPC contract for Duba 1 ISCC, Saudi Arabia.

9 July 2014: Draft Scoping Report for South Africa's 1 GW Solar Park released.

8 July 2014: IFC invests up to $100 million in ACWA Power.

4 July 2014: National Solar Atlas for India to be launched.

1 July 2014: EIB loans EUR 150 million to renewable project in Chile.

27 June 2014: Karnataka releases RFP for 500 MW of solar including both CSP and PV.

26 June 2014: Ashalim Plot B achieves financial close.

23 June 2014: AfDB approves loan for Xina Solar project in South Africa.

20 June 2014: New bill passed in Spain.

19 June 2014: Announcement of preffered bidders for Window 3.5 in South Africa delayed to end June 2014.

16 June 2014: Masdar and K.A.CARE sign partnership agreement.

10 June 2014: Pre-qualified bidders for 100 MW Eskom tower approved.

9 June 2014: Philippine government increases solar target from 50 MW to 500 MW.

6 June 2014: !Xun Khwe Solar Farm receives backing from USTDA.

6 June 2014: Metsimatala Solar Farm receives backing from USTDA.

29 May 2014: New 20 MW tower planned in Australia.

27 May 2014:No allocation for CSP under Window 4 RFP.

23 May 2014: New funding for CSP research and development in Morocco.

21 May 2014: 500 MW Palen project – evidentiary record re-opened.

21 May 2014: $10 million to be invested in CSP storage.

20 May 2014: Request for Expressions of Interest for Al Abdaliyah ISCC now open.

14 May 2014: SolarReserve announces intention to submit EIS.

13 May 2014: ARENA to be abolished.

9 May 2014: Environmental approval for 110 MW CSP project in Chile.

9 May 2014: New financing information added to Xina Solar One, South Africa.

24 April 2014: Genesis 1 and 2 officially dedicated - both units now in operation.

15 April 2014: Brazil to hold solar specific auction.

14 April 2014: SkyFuel supplying solar field for Stillwater CSP-Geothermal Plant.

2 April 2014: India's 2015 CSP target decreases to 100 MW.

31 March 2014: Registration closes for Window 3B in South Africa: Three projects registered.

20 March 2014: Ashalim Plot A (Negev Energy) receives $250 million funding.

20 March 2014: Italian government organizes trade mission to K.A.CARE in Saudi Arabia.

March 2014: Noor Midelt and Noor Tata identified as sites for future solar projects in Morocco.

28 February 2014: - USTDA supports Solafrica for 100 MW CSP feasibility study.

17 March 2014: 50 MW solar park in Canberra planned – focus on storage.

17 February 2014: Project registration for South Africa’s Window 3B is now open.

12 February 2014: Energy Department Announces $25 Million to Support U.S. Solar Manufacturing.

12 February 2014: Prequalification for bidders for Eskom's 100 MW CSP plant close.

6 February 2014: Additional $30 Million made available to U.S. ARPA-E solar projects.

2 January 2014: TAQNIA buys stake in Sun & Life (ACWA).

9 January 2014: Abengoa wins Government tender with 110 MW Tower project in Chile.

14 January 2014: SOLAR-ERA.NET releases call for proposals for innovative solar projects.

25 December 2013: Saudi Electricity Company Invites Expressions of Interest for Duba 1, Saudi Arabia.

18 December 2013: The Saudi Renewable Atlas launch, Saudi Arabia.

13 December 2013: No solar projects in the 2nd A-5/2013 Auction, Brazil.

27 November 2013: Bids close for Shagaya RE Park, Kuwait.

21 November 2013: South Africa: Integrated Resource Plan Update: Proposed CSP Allocation increased to 3300 MW.

18 November 2013: No success for solar projects in Brazil's A-3 Auction.

November 2013: Launch Event for the Renewable Resource Atlas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  scheduled for 18 December 2013.

November 2013: Alcazar in Spain withdrawn.

29 October 2013: Preferred bidders for Window 3 in South Africa announced.

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