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Parabolic Trough Report 2014: cost, performance and thermal storage

'Strategically plan your commercial trajectory and optimize profitability in the increasingly internationalized parabolic trough market.

About this report:
• Critical Market Specific Cost Data: Receive the most up-to-date, industry validated cost data breakdowns from CAPEX to OPEX in defined optimal parabolic trough plants across 8 markets (Chile, India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, Spain and US).
• Realistic LCOE Models: Determine the LCOE of Parabolic Trough technology by market, benchmark emerging CSP markets against the traditional key markets and identify the longitudinal trend with market specific LCOE forecasts.
• Energy Yield and Performance Output Data & Analysis: Identify and benchmark the market specific energy yield and performance characteristics, including solar field thermal output, online parasitics, net energy, total operating hours, solar-to-electricity efficiency and water consumption.
• The Evolution of Thermal Storage (TES): Use the global project pipelines to understand how and to what extent TES is being increasingly incorporated into Parabolic Trough plants, and gain insight into the latest R&D initiatives in TES tipped to reduce cost and optimize performance.
• Market Share of Parabolic Trough Technology: Strategize your investment in and gauge your profit from Parabolic Trough - the most widely deployed CSP technology - by understanding the long-term market share, growth and viability of this technology, including market-by-market pipelines and key comparisons with other CSP technologies.

CSP Solar Tower Report: Cost, Performance & Key Trends 2013

Plan, measure and optimize your involvement and profitability in Solar Tower CSP by utilizing the most up-to-date, comprehensive and hard to access cost and performance data. With Solar Tower’s growing market share set to alter the CSP technological landscape and claims that it could represent CSP’s most viable route towards grid-parity mounting, the eyes of the industry are increasingly zooming in on this technology. Yet, currently there exists a critical lack of transparency surrounding the cost and performance parameters of Solar Tower which not only makes it difficult to substantiate such claims but restricts players across the industry from engaging in and profiting from this growing area of CSP. This report brings unprecedented clarity to the costs and performance of Solar Tower CSP.

CSP Parabolic Trough Report: Cost, Performance & Key Trends 2013

Plan, measure and optimize your involvement and profitability in CSP by accessing the cost and
performance data

The CSP industry stands at a critical juncture in its development. As opportunities opened up by the
ambitious CSP roadmaps outlined in new markets are mediated by the well-versed financial
difficulties facing established key markets, the drive towards technological cost reduction and
performance optimization will prove critical in enabling the industry to both negotiate its challenges
and realize its possibilities.

CSP Markets Report - New Edition 2013

Capitalize on global opportunities and grow your CSP business in 2013 and beyond. The CSP markets in Spain and the USA are now becoming established and the industry has more clarity on expected growth. However there is still a lot of hype clouding the growth potential for CSP in new emerging markets. To achieve success on the global stage, it is now vital for the industry to get a grasp on the real trends shaping these markets in order to define new opportunities and assess likely threats. The CSP Markets Report provides you with the facts, data and analysis you need to get ahead of your competitors and achieve growth in global CSP markets.

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