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Heba Hashem

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  • Bidders announced for Shagaya CSP project

    Bidding for phase one of Kuwait’s Shagaya Multi-Technology Renewable Energy Park closed on 27 November, 2013, resulting in six shortlisted consortia for the EPC of the 50 MW Shagaya CSP plant. Who are these companies and how strong are their track records in CSP?

  • SMEs to play huge role in MENA CSP development

    Billions of dollars are being allocated for the MENA’s solar power expansion plans, but with the strong presence of global firms, how can smaller suppliers and contractors get involved in the region’s CSP supply chain?

  • Spanish ministry cheats with ‘reasonable return’ formula

    After seven months, the Spanish government has published details of the remuneration scheme that will replace feed-in tariffs. But it doesn’t add up to the amount promised.

  • Where next for CSP in Australia?

    Cuts to the renewables industry by the new Australian government have placed a question mark over future funding of CSP projects.

  • CSP re-deployment opens a lucrative market

    The CSP industry already has its hands full trying to get CSP projects deployed in the first place. But there are moves afoot on the re-engineering needed to make a form of CSP that’s not merely deployable, but re-deployable. Why is that necessary?

  • How technical papers can help towards CSP bankability

    Sharing technical results with the rest of the CSP community is a good way of gaining credibility and moving the industry forward. Plus it might even help with financing.

  • MENA diversity may dictate CSP technology

    Often cited as one region, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is more geographically diverse than we think, but how can this help determine the optimal CSP technology and application?

  • What’s holding back Indian CSP?

    Solar power is booming in India, but CSP is struggling to get a look in. Could it be time to find alternative business models to grow the industry?

  • Where CSP beats fossil energy: agricultural desalination

    SkyFuel and WaterFX have just brought a six-month solar desalination pilot to a successful completion in California’s Panoche Water District. Here’s why thermal desalination of agricultural land could be a game-changer for the CSP industry.

  • Why California could need 11 GW of CSP by 2030

    California's need for CSP relative to other renewables will be greatly increased under a 50% by 2030 Renewable Portfolio Standard, according to a new study from Energy and Environmental Economics (E3).

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