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Heba Hashem

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  • Sand: CSP energy storage solution of the future?

    Masdar Institute and US Solar Holdings are currently working on two separate projects designed to explore the potential of sand as a thermal energy storage and heat transfer medium for CSP systems. So why is this technology being developed?

  • CSP’s role in securing EUMENA energy

    Billions of euros could be saved in Europe by importing electricity from the desert, and a massive CSP industry could be created in the MENA region if Dii’s plans fall into place.

  • Which CSP technology is best for a given project size?

    Discussion over which technologies might best serve different sizes of CSP project has been fanned with the publication of a new report.

  • Masdar versus Spain: say adios to CSP investors?

    Spain’s administration seems unperturbed at the growing queue for arbitration over loss of CSP earnings. But it may need to think twice about wooing foreign investors in future.

  • A new sunrise for CSP in Section 1703 loan guarantees?

    U.S. loan guarantees for renewable energy ended in 2011. Or did they?

  • Kings of CSP localization

    CSP industry pioneers have long maintained that content localization can lead to substantial cost reductions. But how have they been achieving this in emerging CSP markets? We take a closer look at each of AREVA Solar, SolarReserve and ACWA Power’s approaches to localizing CSP projects.

  • A possible marriage of CSP and CPV

    There are very few companies commercially pursuing the form of solar that combines CSP and CPV, but a new program out of ARPA E is putting $30 million into investigating the idea, funding 12 projects to try to wring more output from the harvest of both light and heat from the sun.

  • No drama as SolarReserve commissions world’s largest CSP tower with storage

    The process of testing each of the systems that comprise the Crescent Dunes CSP project is going smoothly for an old hand at power plant construction; SolarReserve CEO Kevin Smith. As construction nears completion, we check in on what the future holds.

  • Desert farming CSP inches towards commercialisation

    Pilot schemes in Australia and Qatar are aiming to demonstrate how CSP can be used for desalination and power alongside greenhouse-based crop production.

  • Italian project shows strong potential for sand-based CSP

    An Italian collaboration recently carried out a research into the use of sand as a thermal energy storage and heat transfer medium for CSP systems, culminating in the establishment of a 100kWth pilot plant. So, what technology was developed and what is the potential for its commercialisation?

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