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  • DNICast aims to improve irradiance forecasting

    CSP plant output forecasting is set to improve thanks to a project called DNICast, which brings together heavyweight research bodies from across Europe.

  • First of its kind CSP plant underway in Cyprus

    An innovative 50 MW CSP plant that is due to be built in Cyprus with EU support could pave the way for its graphite based storage system elsewhere in the world, engineers say.

  • CSP and the California carbon market

    California’s utilities are on track to meet or surpass their 33% by 2020 Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), and there has been recent discussion about boosting California’s RPS to 40 or 50% by 2030. But electric utilities are just one source of green house gas emissions.

  • Chile looks to use CSP to cut irrigation costs

    A project in the Chilean highlands aims to reduce crop irrigation energy costs by 65% through the use of CSP-powered pumps in place of diesel generators.

  • The future of ITC and CSP in the USA

    The pending expiration of the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) in 2016 has already stalled future CSP in the US. But some interesting new legislative moves may yet offer a solution by year-end.

  • Desertec: still advancing despite E.ON’s departure

    E.ON’s departure from the Desertec Industrial Initiative is the latest to raise doubts over the Europe-Africa power-sharing project’s future. No need to worry, says the consortium.

  • Dish Stirling for Dubai?

    Swedish dish-Stirling manufacturer Cleanergy managed to attract Dubai to the technology for the city’s very first CSP plant, promising even greater advantages under the Arabian Gulf’s climatic conditions.

  • Masdar and NEST partner in TES pilot scheme

    A partnership between Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university in the UAE, and NEST, a Norwegian company developing large-scale thermal energy storage, seeks to prove NEST’s technology with a view to bringing it to market.

  • HTF suppliers gear up for emerging market demand

    The industry’s top heat transfer fluid suppliers are readying for a rush in demand as CSP projects across the Middle East, Africa and Latin America come online.

  • World’s first commercial CSP-geothermal hybrid underway

    Most utility companies would hesitate to undertake a commercial-scale project based merely on a proven concept, but Enel Green Power has taken the plunge and is constructing a 17 MW CSP unit to integrate with its Stillwater solar-geothermal hybrid plant.

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