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  • Micro-CSP still looking good in Sopogy’s wake

    The demise of MicroCSP pioneer Sopogy seems a blow to small-scale solar thermal. But analysts and even Sopogy’s founder still reckon the concept has potential.

  • CSP takes centre stage in Ukraine’s EnergyTorrent

    A Kiev-based project seeks to make renewables easily accessible on a small and medium scale, with special focus on CSP technologies. How far has it reached?

  • Molten salt: too hot to handle?

    Molten salt is hardly the sort of thing you would want to take a bath in, but from a health and safety point of view it is far from the worst thing you could find in power generation.

  • Irradiation measurement just keeps getting better

    Recent advancements in ground-based solar irradiation measurement technology means that CSP plant operators can now have a better idea of output than ever before.

  • Two innovative technologies to cut the cost of energy storage

    Currently, adding energy storage to Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) costs about $30 per kilowatt-hour of capacity, contributing between 15 and 20% of the project cost. Can this be reduced?

  • Will India’s pro-business leadership help grow CSP?

    A new government led by pro-business Narendra Modi looks like good news for solar power in India. But observers predict CSP might continue to struggle.

  • How to protect birds from CSP towers

    The solar industry is by no means the first to need to deter birds from danger. The aviation industry, for example, has for decades had to protect its machinery from birds who pose a safety threat by flying into airplane propellers.

  • Australian CSP on alert as ARENA’s budget is axed

    The development of CSP projects in Australia has been compromised by cuts to the country’s top renewable energy funding agency.

  • CSP to benefit as the worlds appetite for storage increases

    With the growth in demand for energy storage as the world adds more renewables, CSP thermal energy storage may well be poised to benefit too. One effect might be to place a market value on the thermal storage that can be included with CSP.

  • Saudi Arabia: Is silence golden?

    Following almost a year of delays and uncertainty, K.A.CARE’s silence since the release of the competitive procurement process white paper has raised a wide range of speculations over the future of CSP in Saudi Arabia. But the truth is, a great deal is cooking beneath the surface.

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