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  • Saudi Arabia: Is silence golden?

    Following almost a year of delays and uncertainty, K.A.CARE’s silence since the release of the competitive procurement process white paper has raised a wide range of speculations over the future of CSP in Saudi Arabia. But the truth is, a great deal is cooking beneath the surface.

  • ISCC Plants: Unlocking CSP in the MENA region

    From Morocco to Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, an interesting trend in the Middle East and North Africa is seeing ISCC plants being built before standalone CSP projects. We take a closer look at why ISCCs are gaining ground in the region and whether the trend will continue in the coming years.

  • Rackam project highlights CSP’s northern potential

    A plan to use CSP for process heat at a Canadian paper mill could help demonstrate the value of solar thermal technology for industrial processes even in lower-irradiance areas.

  • CSP documented in art - Energy in the American West

    Over the last four years, artist Jamey Stillings has been documenting the American development of new CSP projects as part of a comprehensive look at the impact of US energy development. This ongoing photographic work, Energy in the American West, has earned its place in the US Library of Congress.

  • Could a super grid revive CSP’s flagging fortunes in Europe?

    Plans for a Europe-wide supergrid are gaining credence as a way to help integrate large amounts of renewable energy. Mediterranean CSP could win out from such a scheme.

  • Where can European CSP firms get R&D financing?

    European research and development funding helped launch the modern era of CSP. But the US looks set to pull ahead with focused programmes such as SunShot.

  • CSP: Too hot to handle for oil & gas players?

    Over the past decade, many companies whose core business was in the oil and gas have attempted, with varying degree of success, to invest in other types of energy or different businesses altogether. But how have these investment forays affected CSP?

  • Gargantuous need for lower-temp CSP

    Small-scale, industrial CSP has maintained a presence on the periphery of global CSP development for years. But in recent months, it appears to have gained an increasing presence with a series of new commercial installations.

  • Kuwait: A CSP market worth entering?

    Kuwait's renewable energy plans show that CSP has a paramount role to play in the country's future energy mix, but when will developments pick up pace?

  • Phoenix' lightweight remote CSP system awaits Stirling engine revival

    Lebanese engineering firm Phoenix Energy has developed a dish Stirling CSP system for off-grid use but its mass production is being held back by the lack of competitively priced 1-5 kW Stirling engines, Dany Kaddoum, project manager at Phoenix Energy, said.

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