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  • Israel’s 121 MW Ashalim Plot B plant set for 50% expansion but regulation stunts other projects

    Israel’s Ashalim projects are set to dominate the country’s CSP landscape as the State’s land allocations and energy market regulation hold back other development, Oren Gadot, CEO of CSP developer Heliofocus, said.

  • Global CSP capacity forecast to hit 22 GW by 2025

    New CSP capacity is expected to dip in 2016 and bounce back in 2017 to resume steady growth over the next decade as national energy policies stabilise market conditions, according to the newly released CSP Today Markets Forecast Report: 2015-2025.

  • Influx of PV firms into China CSP set to boost funding, cut tech costs

    United PV’s recently awarded 100 MW CSP plant in China signals a new movement of PV developers into the CSP market, building on gains made in an increasingly crowded PV sector and bringing investment and potential technology improvements to CSP projects, industry sources said.

  • India’s PV-led solar growth casts eyes on performance of CSP projects

    India's CSP industry is seeking maximized output from Reliance Power’s 125 MW Fresnel-based plant and progress in four parabolic trough projects to provide competitive cost references in a market pressured by PV growth, industry sources said.

  • Morocco's first CSP plant forges path to tech-led cost cuts

    The imminent start-up of Morocco's Noor I CSP Plant will be followed by lower cost adjacent plants thanks to technology gains such as larger trough apertures which have eclipsed the impact of higher cost dry cooling systems, Driss Berraho, Business Development Manager at ACWA Power, told CSP Today.

  • Noor II and Noor III eye cost savings from site integration

    With similar timeframes and a shared site, the Noor II and Noor III CSP projects in Morocco’s Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex are expected to gain from multiple synergies during both construction and operations, Badis Derradji, ACWA Power’s managing director for Morocco, told CSP Today.

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